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Eventually we all have to sit down and ask ourselves what it is we really want to do and achieve. After a lot of careful though, deliberation and time spent finding myself i’ve finally figured out what it is that i’m truly passionate about.

I want to help people be the best that they can be, both physically and mentally. I believe each and everyone of us is capable of greatness and the key to building that success is a solid foundation. By helping people make health, fitness and nutrition an integral part of their day to day lives I hope to create platforms for people to build happy, healthy and successful lives upon.

With this goal in mind, over the coming months I will be working and studying to become a fully certified performance coach. This will include an Advance Personal Training courses, strength and conditioning, life coaching, psychology, nutritional consultancy, personal performance coaching among others.

Through doing this I also hope to inspire and encourage others to follow this path. My journey to certification will be documented thoroughly and I will be sharing this so people can get a feel of what these courses are like and whether it’s for them.

Even for people who don’t wish to train others I believe formalised study can be hugely beneficial. If you are passionate about creating the ideal physique and/or want to be in control of your health and fitness then doing so will teach you how. There is only ever so much you can pick up from other people and a lot of the time it can be very untrustworthy. Making the effort to learn thing for yourself from reliable sources will allow you to build what it is you’re after much more quickly and efficiently.

Over the coming weeks I will be visiting a number of training facilities and vetting a number of courses to find the best ones out there. Once i’ve found what I think is the best place I will document my experience with them and share my honest opinion.

In addition, I will be doing an open invite to anyone who wishes to join me on my journey. I’m hoping to complete a saturday learning course (self study then number of saturday sessions with tutors) so it will be a great opportunity for a group of us to work towards this goal together, helping, learning and sharing along the way! If getting qualified as a PT is something you’d be interested in then feel free to drop me a message.


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Henry Hole • 3 years ago

Hi Bryn, I have previously completed a fitness instructor course and was hoping to develop my knowledge to personal trainer level. I would be interested in studying the Saturday course but i was wondering what the costs are involved and also the duration of the courses you're looking to undertake? Thanks, Henry

BrynRayFitness • 3 years ago

Hi Henry, Do you want to drop me an email at: bryn@brynrayfitness.com Prices and courses vary depending on what type you go far but generally between £1500-£3000 and take 5 weeks - 6 months. Should be able to sort a discounted rate but you can take a look at the courses here: https://www.fitnessindustryeducation.com/personal-training-courses.aspx

Mohammed • 3 years ago

Hi Bryn, I want to become a PT too, I already have a degree in Law school but now I feel like becoming a personal trainer and building a career around fitness beside helping other people achieving their goals is what i truly want to do, I live in Houston, TX. the only problem I'm facing now is which facility or institute to chose to get my certification from, I truly like the FIE you chose to obtain your certification from but i'm not sure if it's a good choice for me since I live in the States. so do you have any advice ? can you help me understanding to choose? Thank you for your time Sir.


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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