Onwards & Upwards

A blog style post all about what i’ll be doing over the coming month or two … Warning, it’s very “Im doing this, Im doing that”

It’s been 5 weeks since my last shoots now. During that time i’ve moved city, home, job, gym and basically started a whole new chapter in life! During this transition period i’ve been focusing on gaining a bit of muscle mass, reversing any metabolic damage from previous prep and generally getting as healthy as possible (large focus on whole foods along with vitamin and mineral profiles).

With more shoots around the corner it’s time to start dialling it back in. I have a shoot with Big Balls Clothing on 19th May which i’m looking to bring a full, muscular look to show what the clothes can do for your appearance. Following that there is a shoot on the 10th May with TeamON which I’ll be looking to bring some nasty condition too.

As I did a steady reverse diet and am only a couple of kg over shoot weight it should be a nice steady process. I’m starting at 3000kcal a day with 45% Carbs, 35% Protein, 20% Fat. I’ll be closely monitoring stats and progressively dropping my calories at a rate of about 200-250kcal a week so that i’m down to about 10-11kcal per pound at the start of may. The macro ratio will adjust to a standard 40:40:20 split once the calories start to drop.

I’ve decided not to carb cycle as I don’t currently feel I need it. I will be paying close attention to my carb timing though structuring around breakfast and working out. I work a fairly sedentary job so fast releasing energy sources will be dialled back during times of low activity.

In terms of supplements i’m going platinum standard this time. HydroWhey with breakfast, HydroBuilder Postworkout and single PRE serving before workouts. I will also be using Casein, BCAA, Glutamine, CLA, Fish Oil and possibly mega fat burners depending on progress.

The workout split i’ll be following is a little different this time around as has been structured carefully around my schedule and life. Its split across two weeks as follows –

Week 1:
Monday = Front of body (Power)
Tuesday = Back of Body (Power)
Wednesday = Rest
Thursday = Front of body (Hypertrophy)
Friday = Back of body (Hypertrophy)
Saturday = HIIT Circuits or Social Session with friend
Sunday = Rest or Jog

Week 2:
Monday = Upper Body (Power)
Tuesday = Lower Body & Abs (Power)
Wednesday = Rest
Thursday = Upper Body (Hypertrophy)
Friday = Lower Body & Abs (Hypertrophy)
Saturday = Weakness training or Social Session with friend
Sunday = Rest or Sprints

I’ve decided to let my life inform my workout plan. I like to have a midweek rest, reflect on what’s happened, catch up on anything I need to and get some rest. Saturday I often visit friends or try and network with fellow fitness enthusiasts so it’s nice to keep it flexible (polite to train what suits both of you). If i’m not doing that it’s nice to either do some circuit training for fitness or work on any weaknesses (currently my upper chest is lagging). Other cardio can be added in based on mood, energy level, weather and progress. If for some reason I can’t stop eating cake I may add a few sessions but I do plenty of walking and have intense sessions that get the heart jumping so can’t imagine i’ll be doing much … I just don’t like it really, it’s only nice when the sun is shining.

This will only alter in the final 10 days before my 2nd shoot. At that point I will be following the same 10 day prep I did for my previous shoot (depletion and loading) but I will be adding an extra load day in. Then i’ve got a week to fill out and hit up bodypower 😀

As I work in an office I prep all my food at the weekend ready for the week. Doing this means I don’t really have to think about what i’m eating more than once a week, I just follow the plan. The weekends are then when I analyse, adjust and prep again. If I take a ‘cheat’ it will be at the weekend as I don’t follow a plan for these days per say. However, I will only be having a cheat if I feel I need it mentally or I hit a plateau.

In summary, it’s going to be a fairly relaxed but carefully planned prep. I’m a little nervous as i’d have liked to start a few kg heavier but we’ll see how it goes!

Onwards & Upwards (:


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Leon Hearn • 3 years ago

Big plans man, good luck! Ps you're so lucky you get given your supplements ;)

Jonny Davies • 3 years ago

All the best! Are you planning on making this prep available on google drive like last time?

BrynRayFitness • 3 years ago

I will be taking a more relaxed approach this time but will detail it the best I can (:


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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